Selecting A Carpet Or Rug

The right carpet can do more to a room to enhance it than any other item in the decorating scheme of your home. It becomes the focus of a room's personality, warmth and charm, and adds color to the room.

Carpeting will:

Determine how many square yards you will need for the area being carpeted. Call us and we can help you with a simple formula to tell how much you will need.

When you find exactly what you like, get the brand name, lot number and color number.
If the carpet you are interested in has been relabeled with your carpet store's name, then send us a small sample. We can match anything!

(for a quote) Email us at:

Be sure to include the following information in the E-mail message:

Brand name -----Shaw
Style number----Palisades 51363
Color number----Chambray 63480

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